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  • Plant. Feed. Prune. Harvest.

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    “Pruning is strategic. It is directional and forward-looking. It is intentional toward a vision, desires, and objectives that have been clearly defined and are measurable. If you have that, you know what a rose is, and pruning will help you get one of true beauty.” – Henry Cloud

    Cultivating life is challenging. Even the strongest and smartest people around us struggle to find direction. It is sometimes hard to envision a time when life can be manageable. 

    Before the enjoyment of finest bottle of wine and most beautiful bouquet of flowers, there is a process. While the process of growth can be a daunting and harsh one, with the partnership of Harvest Counseling & Consulting, you can and will reap the fruits of your labor!

    About Kristen Johnson

    As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and founder of Harvest Counseling and Consulting, LLC, I am passionate about facilitating change in an accessible and approachable way. 

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