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  • About Me

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    Harvest's Mission

    With a focus of mental health, Harvest was created to cultivate, feed, and grow empowerment, fearlessness, and resilience in individuals.











    Why Harvest?

    Harvest derived from my father and maternal grandmother’s love for plants and gardening. Growing up, I watched them nurture their gardens. It was always fun to watch my loved ones gently check the leaves, feed the plants, cut away dead parts of the plants, and eventually, celebrate the growth of the plants.

    The past few years have been tough, for everyone. As I process this reality, I acknowledge how my people and my experiences have helped to cultivate my growth. I’ve learned that, despite turbulence in the growing process, increase and reward can still be produced.

    Thank you, Grandma and Padre!













    My Story

    My name is Kristen Johnson, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). I graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology (2011) and Boston College’s School of Social Work with a Masters of Social Work (2014). My professional experiences includes work in K-12 school systems, hospitals, higher education, and community-based work. 

    My career of helping and supporting others started from a young age. I was born and raised Boston, Massachusetts, primarily, in the Dorchester and Mattapan neighborhoods to two Jamaican immigrants. I identify as a Caribbean-American woman. My collectivist upbringing taught me the importance of altruism and the sharing of wisdom. 

    My mother shared many lessons with me. The most important lesson she has taught me, is to help and support others. I watched my mother navigate the United States, while achieving so much. What she delights in the most, is mentoring people, providing resources, and helping people navigate challenging systems and life circumstances. She also taught me to value the village and what the village can teach you. The village does not have to only consist of family, but of people you can identify in all areas of your life. Without knowing, my mom taught me about asking for help, advocating for myself, using the resources around me, and most importantly, uplifting others in the process.

    So, how does this translate to individual therapy? Well, my hope is to be apart of my clients’ village as a resource and tool to navigate challenges in life.

    When I am not being a therapist, I enjoy listening to music (so many genres!), spending time with my charismatic family, travelling, and watching comedies.